Kaspersky AntiVirus 2009 Review

Kaspersky AntiVirus 2009 Review

See how KAV 2009 handles hundreds of infections like trojans, rogue antivirus, popups, downloaders, fake system alerts and everything else under the sun! Is it worth your money? Find out!

  1. it better ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4.0.467

  2. Full Antivirus Safety & Security here: watch?v=fdEDM9gGXII

  3. i have all the browsers
    i like to learn!

  4. i don’t get it ….here a question
    is an internet security also an antivirus cuz i have an AVG internet security 9

  5. avast!ftw

  6. how u download it give me the link

  7. @mrretro18 Kaspersky is great, don’t change to any other antivirus.

  8. No wonder that shit never find anything, i always scan it and it comes clean all the time. I’m changing to something that really works. what do ya’ll recommend people?

  9. Avira Antivir Premium Security Suite 2010 FTW! =)

  10. @DinoDaniel9 YEAH!

  11. Avira Antivir Premium Security Suite FTW! 😀

  12. hmm, i might get it once kaspersky is run out

  13. yes it does

  14. Does it have antidialer?

  15. mcAfee is bullshit

  16. Thats bullshit.

  17. avast or nod32 🙂

  18. avg sucks too avast is good

  19. luke firewalker? or luke skywalker

  20. they make them to get money they make viruses and antiviruses

  21. norton? ur dead it cant find spysherrif or ANYTHING

  22. did you go into program files on your computer, go into the mcafee folder and see if there is an un-install thing?

  23. kaspersky slow the pc

  24. Hey, kaspersky can’t download on my comp cuz there’s a hidden mcafee thingy in my computer. I can’t take it out cuz .. and u know the point.

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