SystemCleanerPRO + Antivirus PC 2009 + Eco Antivirus 2010 (All rogues)

SystemCleanerPRO + Antivirus PC 2009 + Eco Antivirus 2010 (All rogues)

Turns out COMODO still issues SSL certificates to bad companies.

  1. How the hell is a ANTIVIRUS supposed to be Eco-friendly?!

  2. Comodo Is where i live O_O i live in Manchester 😀 rofl :3

  3. “Free SSL” certificate… no wonder they don’t use CAcert 🙂

  4. It’s possible that they got the SSL certificate they had wes because of the purchasing system. It hink that they are not using their own website if I was reading that correctly

  5. can you give us samples like what you used to do? 🙂

  6. Terms to use lol, should be Terms of use in Eco AV

  7. why rogue antiviruses are most beautiful than the real ones? 🙁

  8. REMINDS ME OF ur last vid

  9. on eco avs page they used a comma instead of a period. 99,99 instead of 99.99

  10. Actually, it says on the website that they are donating a percentage of their profits for like wildlife research or something. Guess they believe people will want to do good for the Earth and help their computer at the same time. Too good to be true, obviously.

  11. Eco Antivirus! Ahah Are they getting ecologists? 🙂

  12. processing the video maybe? 😀

  13. can’t read anything!

  14. whats with the blurry quality?

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