How to Remove Fake Antivirus 2009 Also Virus, Malware and Trojan Removal by Britec

How to Remove Fake Antivirus 2009 Also Virus, Malware and Trojan Removal by Britec

How to Remove Fake Antivirus 2009 Also Virus, Malware and Trojan Removal by Some basic steps on how to remove Fake Antivirus 2009 with Malwarebytes, Superantispyware and Dr Web Cure it, plus running scans with Hitman Pro 3 and Gmer. Download Links: http —————————— More info on our forum —————————— http

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  5. Great video again, 5 stars. I had most of this software except for Hitman Pro. I’ve just downloaded it now and its great!

  6. @cem719 you need to disable the auto restart so you can see what the blue screen says them use blue screen view to read dump file. maybe post it on our forum for help.

  7. dude am getting bsod after i open comp in few mins its bsod and restarts and closes non stop lol its not virus i scannedi n safe mode but its something

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  14. Hay you should use a tool called search and destroy tool its really cool if you have a redirected Virus witch is really really bad so just use that for one of your videos if you can its really cool deletes everthing

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  17. @lovelytuber yeah its a good point gmer and alot of other apps you download now days have d77e47758.exe instead of gmer.exe
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  19. how in the check this program is not made illigal is beyond me i dont know how often i ran into that pop up. just hideous ty for the vid:)

  20. nice video i have a noticed sometimes these kinds offake viruses disable the malwarebytes anti virues in this case all what you have to do is to rename this anti virues(malwarebytes) into any name you want thanks

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