Won’t You Be My Neighbor – Hak5

Won’t You Be My Neighbor – Hak5

  1. 0:10 I’D FUCK HER!

  2. could not move my eyes away

  3. Hey i figured since you knew how to hak you could help me out with this question. Have you ever heard of “windirstat” It’s a program to delete files from your hard drive and folders and from your C drive that you don’t want. okay so my question is “how do i know what i can delete” What files” I just don’t wanna delete the wrong things

  4. new to the series – very informative – great info – noticed your using a netbook – guess you dont do much injecting with that wireless 🙁

  5. these Jasager pineapple and evil server swag rock !!
    and the hak5 temp tatoos get me mad chicks !! 😉

  6. I got some tickets for the fail bus, so I should get there no problem, dude!

  7. you sick freak :S

  8. dude she is so hot!! I just wanna Fuck her right between the tits!! man.. I would wreck her!! from sucking her toes to cuming on her face

  9. Matt provides clarification on how the software works in 502.

  10. 8-bit ftw

  11. We love our companion cube! It has never tried to stab us 🙂

  12. And on the other side of the coin we have people complain when we ONLY do 30 minutes. Can’t please everyone =/

  13. If you’re ever in Williamsburg Virginia the beer.h is on me!

  14. I think Napera switch has derived from Cisco’s Network Admission Control product, which has similar functionality.

  15. uppity

  16. #include beer.h
    damnit!! I don’t see that header file in my library,
    I’ll have to go to the bar 😉

  17. yes

  18. yes

  19. Gr3@t 5h0w! 1m $t0k3d f0r tH15 $3@$0n 😉

  20. hak5 rules!

  21. wOOw
    I loved the intro 😉
    if u know what i mean….

  22. I just noticed you guys have a companion cube

  23. Great show guys, keep it up!

  24. Only 30 minutes? Much, MUCH better than those hour long shows.

    Congrats guys. Now if we could shoot for 20 minutes, that would be awesome.

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