Tutorial To IPhone Hacks

Tutorial To IPhone Hacks

Did you know that one of the first written hacks for the iPhone was completed 5 days after its release? It was creased by DVD Jon notorious for various reverse engineering projects (which means getting details of systems one is not supposed to know). He managed to use all the functions on the iPhone but he did not succeed in hacking the phone so that he could get activated with another carrier so he had to remain with AT&A just for a little bit longer. There were many more people that followed suite and have hacked the iPhone since then with different inventions and methods

Iphone Hacks What Types are there

There are many applications now available to hack your phone for various reasons and they can be classed in the good and bad. You have the ones that help you unlock your phone so that you can use another carrier other than AT&T so that if you have a phone that you want to use outside the USA then you can. Also AT&T pricing may seen too extreme for you. Some people don’t mind using AT&T but want to be able to use other third party applications on their phones which are not supported by Apple. You then have the so called bad hack, this is where people try and hack the iPhone and the Apple system so to be able to get the users private details such as password and personal information.

Hacking terminology – Firmware, Jailbreaking, Brick

There are some basic terms you should be familiar with, which you could have already encountered but are not sure about their meaning.

By hacking your phone it can become inoperable this is where the term brick comes from it means that the hardware has become unusable for one reason or another. This can happen if Apple does an update and Apple applies a new program which disables your hacks rendering your iPhone useless. There are hackers which are constantly writing new programs to try and overcome these problems so that you can recover your phone

The firmware is basically the operating system and programming, the basic and in-depth specifics, which are not available to the everyday user. Apple periodically releases updates that fix former bugs and offers new features, and will possibly work on and stop iPhone hacks. Firmware version 1.1.1. is quite famous for rendering many iPhones useless, turning them into bricks, although a fix was released some weeks later.

The operation system and basic software for the iPhone has been designed do that it can easily be modified. Jailbreak is a kind of iPhone hack in where the owner can gain entry to the inside of the phone and change it structure and thus change it, either to unlock the iPhone or install and run third-party applications not approved by Apple.

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