Hacking Pokerstars – is it Possible?

Hacking Pokerstars – is it Possible?

Everything can seemingly be done over the internet these days. The World Wide Web serves addictions and habits quite well-to many different effects and reactions. One can surf and simply browse, shop online and indulge without taking a step out of one’s own home, play games until one is of unfathomable, godlike levels, or even gamble online and stake money and reputation from the comfort of a recliner. Indeed, with the internet, gambling has transcended its boundaries. But with this new aspect to gambling, comes new ways to cheat and win in it as well. Take the game of poker for instance, and (debatably, but most probably) the world’s largest online poker room, Pokerstars. Many a player has looked into the possibilities of hacking Pokerstars, among other things they can try. But is it feasible? Can hacking Pokerstars be done or not?

Yes, hacking Pokerstars is possible. But the problem is how and what means of hacking would one take to achieve one’s ends? Because in reality, almost, if not, all the websites in the net-ranging from personal sites to official bank websites-can be hacked. To the talented hacker with all the tools he needs to get in, do what he wants, get out, then erase his tracks, the internet is his. This reality applies too to hacking Pokerstars. You can even try searching in Google using the keywords ‘hacking Pokerstars’ and you’ll get a bunch of results for how-to’s or software that can ‘hack’ into Pokerstars’ defenses and let you see your opponents cards, for example. But going back, what is it you’d like to accomplish if ever you managed to hack into Pokerstars’ system?

Just as a tested and proven system is needed in playing poker, the same is true for cheating in it-whether it be in real life or over the internet. IF say, one has indeed been successful in hacking Pokerstars, what would he go for? Should he make adjustments so that he has an advantage over opponents, such as seeing their cards, or making the AI dealer give him better cards? Should he go straight to the cashier or register so to speak, and increment his winnings or current digital chips exponentially? Whatever he does, he then has to sneak out as carefully as he snuck in, and making sure to erase all traces and either wipe out or cover up all evidences of his ventures. So you see, hacking Pokerstars is possible, but getting away with it will be a challenge for the most skilled hacker. For Pokerstars, having taken the top spot in the online poker and gambling industry, is comparable to real life casinos today-as impregnable as the world leading banks.

The shift to internet or online poker had thus effectively phased out old styles and tactics in cheating, and an evolved meaning to the term ‘poker face,’ perhaps. Cheating is very much comparable to the act of gambling itself, but it might be better for one to think of his strategies and tactics in playing the game more than he would in cheating in it.

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