Iphone Hacks and Applications That Will Transform Your Iphone to Something Truly Different

Iphone Hacks and Applications That Will Transform Your Iphone to Something Truly Different

In this article I will give some insight into the hackers environment of iPhone and give you some reference to some interesting sites that will provide you with resources if you ever want to wander down this road yourself. However, we take no responsibility for any third party links, nor the content found therein either. If you want to jailbrake your iPhone, then you have to be aware of one thing, you will depend much on your own knowledge about how to maneuver with your new modified iPhone.

However, it is fun, it opens a totally new world for use of the iPhone. You will be able to take part of some very innovative use of the Mac operating system as well as its user interface. It is a world with almost no limitations.

If you want to, you can wait for Apple’s release of its SDK and wait for some developers coming up with some official applications for your iPhone. However there are thoughts in the market that Apple will not reveal all of iPhone’s potential through its SDK and therefore it will be utilized for development of applications Apple themselves find convenient for iPhone and especially for the business related side of iPhone.

We will start our search for resources and you are more than welcome to take a peek behind some of the links and begin to learn the true potential of your iPhone.


Manage Your Blockbuster Queue From Your iPhone

You can view your shipped and queued movies, as well as drag and drop Queue reorganizing. You will also be able to search for and add movies as well as add movies from Blockbusters RSS feeds.


Here you can get tips as well as apps and downloads for your iPhone, such as Firmware, iPhone Software, Modded files, Stock files, templates, themes and Widgets for the iPhone.


Here you will find iPhone Hacks. It is your source for the latest Apple iPhone Hacks JailBreak Unlocking News Applications Tips & Tricks Reviews Rumors Blog on the Apple iPhone … Fix for iPhone’s


iPhone Hacks, Cracks, Homebrew, and Modifications. All your iPhone underground needs! … Hack your Apple iPhone Welcome to the source for all your iPhone Hacks . iPhone hackers . This is another source for all iPhone Hacks. iPhone hackers, developers, and researchers around the globe have been working hard to open the device in hopes to achieve what Apple never intended. iphone-hacks.com aims to share all the hacking, mods, cracks, and discoveries with you — in one central location.


On this site you will find the latest iPhone Accessories, News, Reviews, ringtones and more.


iPhone Hacks Forums :: Forums for the latest Hacks News Applications Tips & Tricks Reviews Rumors on the Apple iPhone.


News and hacks for your iPhone can be found here. Some tricks and tips are also found here.


If you are looking for downloads for your iphone then you might like this great site we found where you can get heaps of iphone downloads – PLUS PLUS!!! – plus videos, PLUS movies, PLUS music, PLUS TV shows like “The OC”, PLUS games (and a stack of other downloads!).

If you look for the Iphone Guitar application, it is available on installer.

Some interesting tips and reference to pages with this installer can be found at http://code.google.com/p/pocketguitar/

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