Joe Rocket Manta XL review: Holds the “essentials”

Joe Rocket Manta XL review: Holds the “essentials”

After a long day of tech support I’m happy to have a tank bag like this on my motorcycle

  1. @Hak5Darren Ahh. Safer with the magnets AND the vibration.

  2. I’ve carried my eeepc 701 netbook in it no problem — but it has a SSD, not a HDD.

  3. Ever carry your netbook in it? The first thing I thought of was those big magnets next to a HDD = disaster.

  4. Have you polished that machine yet? Wax does a bike good. Chicks dig shinny clean machines 😉

    Woaahhhhhh glass bottles in the tank bag! That could take along time to pick the shards out of your body. How is the next guy gonna enjoy your organs if their filled with beer bottle glass? Does the Hak house have a Hak Keg yet? When are they gonna start selling beer in those shinny little bags for safety 🙂

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