iTunes Accounts Hacked Again

iTunes Accounts Hacked Again

According to the Kaspersky Lab reports, the hackers purchased bunches of apps, games, music & much more stuff making the account holders lose hundreds of dollars in result. The Hackers easily popped into the account holder’s sensitive credit card’s information, manipulated them & changed the billing addresses and finally got success in making all the purchases for which they breached the security doors of their personal info.

After noticing massive disaster in the accounts, the account holders have nothing to do except holding their heads in tension. One of the victim said, “My iTunes was drained of $29.98 on 3/25/11 at midnight. They also changed my billing address city/state to Towson.”

This has not happened first time with “iTunes”. The vary hacks resulting into massive lose of money have been going on since the beginning of 2010. The victim who lost $29.98 is not alone; the hackers put big hands on many other victims and leaving them with ultimate lose of money.
In 2010 hacking cases, victims came up with nothing but sadness in their hands which they pulled out by updating their facebook statuses and sharing the sad issues of their accounts being hacked. In May 2010, Jeff Tarsha who is an iTunes account holder and a victim of among those 2010 hacking cases, said, “Just happened to me. $200 out of bank account for stupid items. I think it was iTunes screw up thought because it happened right after placing an order for $1.99 cent song. I think it got messed up with somebody else’s order, but iTunes could care less and instantly blames me for not protecting my data. WTF?”

“iTunes” have always been one of the favourite target of hackers. “iTunes” being so much famous around has good opportunities for its business as well as fear of getting their consumers being caught in the web of hackers and resulting into security breaches, manipulation of personal info and lose of loads of money.

Apple must do something about it as early as possible else they have much possibilities of losing the fame as well as the customers and loads of money too.

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