eWiFi – eFUSION Co., Ltd.

eWiFi – eFUSION Co., Ltd.
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eFUSION Co., Ltd.

Genre: Utilities

Price: Free

Release Date: January 07, 2010

Scan surrounding Free & Secured WiFi access points and connect to get instant internet access wherever you are in the world.

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User's say::
❒ This app looked like a joke to me when I first saw it. Since it's free I thought why not try it…it works really well and I now get wifi where I never could before. Great app! – fanofmets

❒ WOW, this is the best, getting connections where I never before. Hard to believe it was free. Great Job. – DePayne

eWiFi is a great utility application for iPhone and iPod touch user who wants to save money using internet through WiFi, for travelers who loves free open WiFi to get internet access during travel. eWiFi also care about expert user who want to connect home and office secure WiFi network automatically with first priority.

Auto scan feature of eWiFi finds WiFi access points and connect automatically with suitable network. eWiFi is able to connect with secured network (WEP,WPA) by given password if SSID of the access point not hidden.

Another great feature is internet reachability. Every time when eWiFi connects to the wifi then check for the internet reachability and pop-up connection status.

Key Features:

❒ Access Point Scan
✓ Scan for OPEN, SECURED(WEP/WPA/WPA2) and Ad-hoc wireless networks
✓ Sort wireless networks list according to Open, Secured, Ad-hoc.
✓ Display signal strength bar of each network.
✓ Display security status, MAC address and Channel of each network.
✓ Display number of total networks found.

❒ Auto Scan
✓ Auto wireless access point scan – ON/OFF

❒ Auto Connect
✓ Auto connect – ON/OFF

❒ Credentials
✓ Ability to connect with secure network using credential when network not hidden.

❒ Others
✓ Wonderful user interface with help.

eWiFi is faster at any point like access point search, auto connect, internet reachability check and application load time than other wifi applications in market.

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