CES 2009 HP dv2 UltraThin Notebook AMD Yukon

CES 2009 HP dv2 UltraThin Notebook AMD Yukon

Pat Moorhead of AMD puts the new HP Pavilion dv2 notebook introduced at CES 2009 through its paces. budurl.com

  1. AMD is awesome ! they give more options then intel does .

  2. Thanks xD

  3. ha,ha,haaaa WISE CRACK!

  4. Actually, I want a Mac too, but not with the intel inside.. even if it has to wait for another years.. I’ll do it.. 🙂

    I won’t paid more for rubbish…

  5. why do they “freaking blow” comared to intel?
    its mostly because ive thought of getting one of these babies, but i got a little sweaty when i found out it “only” had 1,6ghz AMD Athlon™ Neo Processor…

    other can reply as well…. please!

  6. wait… Pat has a macbook air… which has an intel processor in it, and works at a high position at AMD lol??


  8. I want that but not from HP 😀 🙂

  9. AMD freakin blows compare to intel
    too bad

  10. I cant wait to buy this laptop in june

  11. That’s what i’m saying how in the hell does he afford a movie theater. Isn’t America in a deficent what the hell is going on. Spare the money

  12. Damn, spare some money man! xD (psstt I mean it send me some money I am broke, I’ll give you my paypal later) And don’t let anyone know about this ………

  13. i pre-ordered this i hope its fast

  14. i think fux is the only ones that doesnt know what amd can do..

  15. gosh I want one so bad! 12.1″ is the perfect size!!
    AMD hurry and get the Turion 64 X2 Ultra and the AMD NEO to 45nm!
    Amd Puma platform is way better than the Intel Centrino 2! Noone needs to convert videos all the time!
    Both run Windows fluently (even the crappy Atom is said to be able to) but CPU’s today only have power to be able to play games which the Centrino 2 cant (without expensive extra graphics card) but the Amd Puma with the ATI 3200 HD can!

  16. i read that it has max memory of 2gb… i wonder who is correct.

  17. fux, the base price is $699.The base Mac Air is $1799. Why do you say its too expensive?

  18. very high style factor! and the thinnes makes it interesting. but the price is high…
    and nobogy knows how fast are the mobile cpus of amd.

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