Battlefield 2 — Game Reviews and Hacks

Battlefield 2 — Game Reviews and Hacks

Developed by Digital illusions CE as well as a Trauma Studios Battlefield 2 is the third full game installment of the Battlefield series, the first two versions were called Battlefield 1942 and Vietnam respectively. Much like half-life, Counter-strike, Team Fortress which were developed by Valve, battlefield is also a first-person shooter which uses elements of RPG (role-playing games) as well as heavy strategies.

In this third version of Battlefield includes a single player mode in which the computer is able to control up to 15 artificial enemies which will go up against the player, addition the real tears can join the action through the Internet or through a local area network (LAN) — the Internet multiplayer connection allows up to 64 players to battle against each other.

The infantry class is available or factions are:

— The United States Marine Corps’s (USMC)

— The middle east coalition (MEC)

— The People’s liberation Army (PLA)

Additional factions are available through expansion packs. Besides being released for computers it was also reduced for a standalone consoles such as the Xbox, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2.

Battlefield 2 hacks:

One of the most popular and undetected hacks for this game is called BlackOmega 1.2 PE. This hack provides several features and benefits such as: nametags distance, kit icons, a 3-D map, information about the enemy mines, ASUS wall hack, a mini map, a no fog mode, unlimited assets and many others.

Because of the fact that these hacks are released in zip archives it is recommended that the end user scan such files with a capable antivirus program in order to avoid any difficult is related to downloading a file from a non-trustworthy website, it is also recommended to verify whether or not the hack has been detected in order to avoid a ban. offers more information about Battlefield 2 hacks and ways for you to get around this game. Get more tips about BF2 hacks, visit us today!

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