Build your own Dance Dance Revolution hard dance mat

Build your own Dance Dance Revolution hard dance mat

Segment from Hak5 1×09 – Building your own Dance Dance Revolution hard dance mat Distributed by Tubemogul.

  1. and put a [iece of plexi glass on top.. like a sammich lol – Wood.. Mat.. Plexi glass.. screw it all together lol

  2. couldnt i just get an old ddr pad.. a piece of wood the same size as the pad.. and staple the pad to the wood.. and it do the same tihng.. ?

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  4. watch?v=jLv0R0GWI4I

  5. cant i just put white tack on a really thin sheet OR thick thin crisp wood…

    or use sticky tape… alotta sticky tape… onto a board?

    i dont wannaa risk cutting and soldiering i dont have xp in it though

  6. i’m dying to modify my crappy non-replaceable-because-they-don’t-sell-it konami ddr hp2 mat, but this video was so irksome as it showed…a dude. seriously, wouldn’t it be a lot more helpful if the video showed…the pad!? for example, as it was being constructed? so, for example, us non-engineers could see how it’s done?

  7. i just duck taped some thick layer on the top/ bottom and i actually DREW the graphics to make mine stronger

  8. Thanks thats really cool

  9. well good enough for me lol

  10. oh yeah… lol


  11. saved him $150

    i think that was the point

  12. big chance of the soft pad ripping off the wood as you play and also the buttons still wont register as well that way. also one of the major point was he had big feet and needed to have more distance between the arrows.

    just screwing it to the wood only temporarily solves one problem when theres 3 major problems of bunching up, not registering well, and being too small.

  13. lol seriously i see no point in doing all of that

  14. lol that was my thought 😛

  15. cant you just cut the back of the pad off and screw it to the wood??? so u dont have to cut, wire and all that stuff

  16. Thanks…but I don’t know how to solder 🙁

  17. psh i went to lowes and checked ot there plexiglass….anything close to 36×36 was over 200$ and so i decided to mod this dudes mod… psh i just used the top of my old ddr pad and screwed it down ono the plywood…it works just as good 😀 and i also wired it better ^_^

  18. bigger and harder.LOL!!!

  19. this is way too hard for me

  20. i got all materials (except the controller)
    can i just open the case and hook the button on the contacts? im making one for PC, so i can configure the buttons 😀
    can i use the “action” buttons (as X, Y, or 1, 2, etc.)?

  21. This is an AWESOME mod.
    I cant wait for gettting material for this =D

  22. he said it was too SMALL. xD

  23. Lol someone’s a ho

  24. BRILLIANT!!!

    =D thanks for uploadin this!!!

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