Break through the university firewall Internet Redirectio…

Break through the university firewall Internet Redirectio…

Want to bypass those nasty restrictions imposed by your corporate or university firewalls? Darren has just the trick with Internet Redirection. Ever wanted to hide secret data inside a photo? Shannon’s show us a neat steganography app. Plus Matt answers your virtualization questions!

  1. why does she have to have “della” netbook b/c shes a chick…. lame.

  2. i hate vids that have introduction about 3 minutes

  3. U can just use 7.z!!

  4. rinetd is a really powerful tool..

    I love you guys.. Great Episode.. 🙂

  5. this show makes me feel stupid

  6. you don’t need a program to hide data in files. You can simply do it with regular system commands.

  7. but how many admins do you kno who actually block that many ports?

  8. if the hacked systems admin was smart s/he wud block all outgoing ports except for vital ports like 80,443 etc. this would destroy ur reverse shell

  9. 7:56 rofl

  10. I would love to hide a reverse shell tcp via metasploit

  11. Snubs, you have a awesome attitude !

  12. but In the last show with Int Eighty, darren did a walkthrough of the egghunt…

  13. nope this new

  14. this is an old episode isnt it…. cause the egg hunt, you already said how to do it…

  15. It’s probably case sensitive.
    And check if it’s not on “Read Only”

  16. were to put the files you wanna embed? in what folder? I tried the steghide folder but i get: cannot open the file asd.jpg

  17. always in HQ, but youtube needs to recode it, because Darren just uploaded it.

  18. Yeap.

  19. is steghide vistax64 compatible?

  20. cool

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