Wii in HD, Portable Ubuntu, SheevaPlug, Fon 2.0, Facial R…

Wii in HD, Portable Ubuntu, SheevaPlug, Fon 2.0, Facial R…

Backing up Wii games to SD so you can play them in HD with the Dolphin Emulator. Ubuntu inside Windows, the SheevaPlug and Fon 2.0 embedded Linux devices. Face.com’s photo finder for facebook. The best Doom source ports and much more.

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  2. attach to the fon a USB Rocket Launcher and a Webcam to ward off intruders to your home!

  3. dump though ur usbloader gx 30 mins for a 3.5gb game

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  5. 51 minutes?? O_o

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  15. the topics are grate
    but you need to edit & cut the video to be more interesting

  16. for those interested in the sheevaplug, jump to 20:22 to skip over the guy on the left being gangtsa, drinking beer, or otherwise starring at the girl’s boobs

  17. Nice show, but you guys should embed your links into either the video or the info sidebar, or otherwise find a way to get credit for directing traffic.

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  19. Hey where are the implantable RFID tracking devices hell can I sign up for that too…

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  22. The easiest way to explain CoLinux is – its a linux port to windows, just like linux can be ported to other hardware, it basically is a port of the linux kernel to windows as a hardware platform. BTW I tried this like 4 years ago, they have obviously came a long way.

  23. chill out, I agreed with his generalisation, not explicitly to you. and your answer by the way was in no form helpful.

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    I said “a laptop?” that is talking shit?? … WOW!!!!

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