Why is Jio charging only for data and giving voice free ?

jio enterprise

jio enterprise


Following is something which is currently circulating on whatsapp, we no way confirm its authenticity.


There is a technical explanation to it.

Jio has only 4G capability and no 3G or 2G. Other existing operators have all the three.

The existing operators transmit voice over 2G and 3G and 4G is used only for Internet data. But on the other hand Jio uses a technology called VoLTE where even the voice is transmitted as data packets over the 4G network.

Please note this is different from mobile data which is only for mobile internet – technically this transmission of voice through 4G is called Packet switching. Means packet switching is different from Mobile data which is only for mobile internet . This is the reason why even if one switches off mobile data in a Jio connection, calls are placed.

If your phone is not VoLTE enabled you will be able to make Calls only if you download the Jio app.

While the Jio technology is superior and latest, a Jio user ends up using huge additional data for every voice call he makes.

Thus in Jio one uses data for voice and Internet …..

So on Jio be prepared to consume high amounts of data and this is precisely Jio’s catch….and that is why Jio charges for only data…

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