Virtualization and Emulation – Hak5

Virtualization and Emulation – Hak5

Matt kicks off a series on Virtualization and invites us to see the 10 Gigabit beast at his office while Shannon and Darren wrap up their series on Wii Homebrew with the easiest way to backup and load Wii games and the Dolphin emulator.

  1. I’m so glad I found this awesome channel!

  2. the cat is like “stop talking, i wanna sleep!” ^.^

  3. lan party is still active i guess. still people fraggin. i missed it but still a really fun game to play lol.

  4. love the cat on the desk^^ 3:00

  5. Can’t wait til this saturday

  6. or you could have just played the back ups right on the Wii! and yea it would be in 720P mine is after I had bought the COMP cable for the Wii!

    This Wii to PC is dumb especially since you need the wii to do it already just pointless

  7. Awesome!
    lol WiiBrew, sounds funny, KITTY!!!!!!

  8. Id like to see some more info on linux.

  9. the best part of the show was the cat

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