Virginia Tech Live – Hak5

Virginia Tech Live – Hak5

This week we take the show on the road and perform live in Blacksburg, VA at Virginia Tech! Go Hokies and special thanks to Tim Tutt and John Ryding.

  1. 19:31 – that happens with Wireshark a lot! Even on Linux – get some ulimits for this.

  2. I’m sorry but… What was the point of this? That had to have been a very boring meet up. Need to get some new material guys.

  3. You should upload the full two hours for all the hak5 feens =]

  4. as always, a nice episode! btw: i want a pineapple! ;-D

  5. there is still a better way to to hack the wii. It works without the Zelda hack.

  6. Definitely, BannerBomb is much better.

  7. will there be a unedited version

  8. Darren showing the students at virginia tech how to hack the schools servers & change their grades … lol

  9. what packet sniffer you using ? wire shark? and how can you sniff packets on your router as a local pc?

  10. hey , darren how do you do all this man in the middle without being cathed, or even worse what do you do when they find you ? and how can i hide my real identity on a school network that uses a Cisco proxy ?

  11. What a HUGE audience! 😀

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    optimaloptimusprimus January 22, 2010 at 4:54 am

    Really enjoyed the format of this one. You guys should do more of these, with better presentations, useing the projector !

  13. Use BannerBomb on the Wii not those silly game saves.

  14. best one yet!

  15. bout time YESSSSS

  16. First comment.. Yea, I said it.

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