Trek Tech 1.0

Eight high-tech Star Trek devices.
Trek Tech 1.0
About Trek Tech
Thanks to the recent release of Star Trek Online, the franchise created by visionary Gene Roddenberry over 40 years ago, is once again all the rage. This new massive online multiplayer game from Cryptic Studios puts players at the helm of their very own Starship and lets Trek fans boldly go where none have gone before.

To help celebrate the release of Star Trek Online, Ged Maheux is proud to announce the release of Trek Tech, a set of eight high-tech device icons from the Star Trek: The Next Generation TV & movie series. Crafted in exquisite detail, these Mac & PC icons are sure to tickle the Tribble of any die-hard Trekkie. As a bonus, Louie Mantia augments the CandyBar iContainer with a LCARS style dock that will make your OS X desktop Trektastic. Enjoy and engage!

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