Top Five Budget VR Headsets

Top Five Budget VR Headsets

top 5 vr headsets

Virtual Reality, which is a new way of seeing the world in a different way, is gaining huge response from the users. People need this technology to experience the thrill offered by VR apps. Obviously, you cannot enjoy it until you don’t buy a cutting-edge VR headset packed with the latest features. Some high-tech VR headsets cost above $300 and everyone cannot invest that large amount in this device. That’s why we have listed top five budget VR headsets, which are quite affordable for any Smartphone user.

  1. PTron VR Headset:

Designed for all the Smartphone and tab users, PTron VR headset is a feature rich device with impressive design and user-friendly functionality. This VR headset is an effective choice to have high-deification 3D view of virtual locations. It turns vitality into reality, when the user wears it and sees the world through this headset. It is also a great VR accessory to enjoy eye-tracking games. It can get turned into a 3D theater and you will feel like watching a 3D movie in one of the best Cineplex of the country. You can buy it for only Rs 1,499 and get the cheapest way to amazing world of virtual reality.

  1. Zebronic VR Headset:

The users, who have Google Cardboard apps installed in their smartphoens, they would Zebronic’s VR Headset a great source of enjoyment. You can download any free VR or 3D app and then go on the journey of amazing virtual world by wearing this headset. You can adjust the focus of lenses and thick padding turns this headset into one of the most comfortable VR headset you can get online. Some other global VR headset brands that offer features equivalent to Zebronic VR headset, they cost above Rs 10,000, but it is available for only Rs 1,400.

  1. Agnus VR Headset:

Owner of impressive design and charming shape, Agnus VR is featuring adjustable focus lances, Smartphone jack, leather padding and many other features to improve your virtual reality experience. It is a great alternative to Google Cardboard and it also supports to all the VR apps developed for Google Cardboard. It is available at Amazon for only Rs 2,499.

  1. Play VR Headset:

Offer VR headsets equipped with latest production technology lenses, which have Vacuum Ion Refining technology, Irusu PlayVR headset is an affordable and useful headset for all the portable screens. It comprises features like alter lens focus, Smartphone jack and some other basic features. You can buy it online for only Rs 2,499.

  1. DOMO nHance VR Headset:

Purchasable only for Rs 1,290, DOMO nHance VR headset is a perfect choice for experiencing virtual world with head tracking feature. It is cheaper than above given VR headsets, but it nowhere lacks in features. It is comfortable, feature-rich and it works with both iOS and Android devices. It seems quite similar as Google Cardboard because the developers have tried to prepare a VR Headset that offers improved features at affordable prices.

Above endorsed VR Headsets are the best to buy at reasonable cost in India. You can view their features and functionality and then choose the best for your demands.


Author: Thrikanth

Thrikanth is a writer for tech who graduated from Kakatiya University in the India two years ago. He has since written tech for numerous websites like while also freelancing on a range of other subjects.

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  1. Hi I am using mot g3, i am planning to buy PTron VR Headset or Zebronic VR Headset, can you suggest which is compatible with my moto g3 and xiaomi note.

  2. Hi which is best for my mi note 3, PTron or Zebronic, could you suggest?

  3. Now it’s trend of Virtual reality. Yup these are awesome it gives theatre effect while watching movies, 3D effect also very nice. I can say every one can buy these VR Headset. there are some sayings watching VR for hours may cause headache, No wrong I’ve used that I don’t have those problems, Unless if bought a cheap quality VR. Prathik and alan You people can Buy any of the you mentioned. Both were good at budget. PTron is also having very good quality many reviews are avail for it.

  4. Vr headsets are amazing I’m feeling like in imax watching 3d movies this PTron VR is very good I’ve seen it on huffingtonpost and bought it. We can play games really thrilling.

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