Top 10 reasons why employees hate their boss

Top 10 reasons why employees hate their boss

Bosses! Can’t work with them, can’t work without them. Everything seems to be fine when you join the job but if you are one of those fortunate ones, sooner or later your boss starts smirking in your nightmares.A chat with employees working under tough projects and small teams who usually face tremendous work pressure will give us interesting insights about the bad bosses they have. Even in a company sans work pressure employees regularly bump into bad bosses. And their experiences are real bad [pardon me of your boss is really good] which they only share once they are in a new job. Good bosses are hard to find and employees hate their bad bosses for very many reasons. Here is A survey to know why employees hate their boss. Listing the Top 10 reasons below:

1) Incompetent and unacknowledging – Employees hate bosses who doesn’t have the essential competitive skills but still scorns the work they do. Whether or not the boss is competitive, the employee really longs for his good work to be acknowledged and not to be treated as a ‘piece of crap’.

2) Privacy Invasion – ‘He always keep guard about what I do, constantly checks out on the office phone about what I am busy at (an indirect way to know whether I am on a call with any acquaintance) and one day even peeped through the door to see what I am doing. Now I even doubt whether he is watching me once I reach home’ says Anamika (name changed to protect identity). Now that’s a real bad boss.

3) The narcissist boss – Employees hate bosses who acts as the ‘know it all’, who thinks they are second to none, hears nothing until it directly benefits him and so self obsessed to be called in the informal way ‘a narcissist glory monger’.

4) Personal Insults – Bosses who torture employees with personal insults rather than choosing to reproach on the basis of their work quickly gets in the hate list. Many employees have long stories to say about bosses who frequently torture them with comments about their attitude and discriminate them deliberately.

5) The angry ‘yelling’ boss – You are the boss, thumbs up. But how on earth could you yell at me like that. Employees at some point or other meet the unfortunate fate of being victim to their boss’ wrath. Justifiable the reason may be, but you are in my hate list boss.

6) The ‘opportunist’ boss – Employees obviously develops a dislike to their boss who refuses to mind them. But one day the same boss who never acknowledged your presence comes to you, smiles at you and the next thing you know, you are on an extra shift with heavy workload. Dislikes turn to hate for such opportunist bosses.

7) The ‘tensed’ boss – Employees tend to hate bosses who are always tensed and want them to finish of the work in a hurry. “He is so tensed and rushes things as if his head is on fire. His tension is so contagious that even we get tensed in his presence” Rahul, a software employee.

8) Stealing credits – Employees feel cheated and hate their boss when he or she steals the credit of their work but never forgets to blame them if something goes wrong.

9) Lack of clarity and feedback – Employees hate bosses who don’t brief them properly and keep the employees ignorant with any real feedback on their work. And worse, employees are blamed for something which in turn would be the result of void feedback.

10) Lack of rapport – Employees hate bosses who lacks mutual respect and always play bossy without any real interest in befriending the employees.

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