The Making of an ATI Graphics Card

The Making of an ATI Graphics Card

Watch how an ATI Graphics Card is made.

  1. the 5970 is already an X2 card

  2. could u upload longer movie how do u make graphic cards? 🙂

  3. @HWGuyEG maybe they don’t want to give information to the concurrent

  4. im gonna go ova der and steal one heh heh


  6. ATi rocks.

  7. They’re huge because they hadn’t cut them in half yet.

  8. like your mom?

  9. Y lo esperamos con ansias y yo lo espero con muchas ganas!
    And I look forward to and I I’m looking forward!

  10. yeah 9800 i saw

  11. Very old stock footage…
    I want to see ATi’s multi-GPU 5000 series cards assembled.

  12. yeah I think the card they were showing is a 9800 pro from like 2003

  13. Yes it can.I own an i7 and AMD Radeon HD 4870.

  14. Its not Ati anymore.

  15. they are agp cards and they are HUGE !!!

  16. kinda of an old movie i think since those look like agp cards

  17. Dont know and dont critic Intel becouse never have it, just AMD – ATI Platform 🙂

  18. hey can a intel perform with a ATI Radeon too?

  19. Is this where $hit is made? Just joking. ATI is really good now.

  20. 🙂 Hell Yes Muhahhahaha

  21. I’m sorry but WTF is so hard to understand 😛

    The first number indicates which series the card belongs to (2000, 3000, 4000 etc.) Followed by:
    X300 basic
    X600 mid range
    X800 high end

    Better than random naming like 9800GTS/GTX/GT/GSO WTF is that all about?!?! xD

  22. Man Nice Movie Realy love It . Hey Looser rustygates man your mom is fan ATI . Great Movie love to see more and how they do AMD Procesor.
    AMD – ATI Radeon Best Choice

  23. Your such a fanboy.

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