The Importance of Cleaning Your Windows® Registry

The Importance of Cleaning Your Windows® Registry

PC Tools offers a simple, intuitive solution for optimal computer performance

Straight from the source,, a registry is “a database in Windows® that contains important information about system hardware, installed programs and settings, and profiles of each of the user accounts on your computer.” The registry on your computer is referred to often. Whenever a user logs on, it retrieves information tied to the user, such as browsing history, search queries, saved passwords, information used for auto-filling forms, and much more.

Although Windows® includes built-in registry tools that work behind the scenes – with any amount of regular activity – it’s easy for a Windows® registry to become bogged down. Whether you frequently install/uninstall software, have incorrectly uninstalled a program, have unused drivers on your system or perform various other tasks, if you notice your computer is running slower or you are receiving more frequent error messages, it may be time for a registry repair and cleaning. Left unattended, an overloaded registry can cause your computer to crash, leaving you with a whole new and often more expensive set of challenges to overcome.

Fortunately, with a Windows® registry cleaner, such as PC Tools Registry Mechanic™, a few clicks of the mouse can keep your registry clean for optimal computer performance. Designed for everyday consumers, Registry Mechanic™ offers a simple, easy to use dashboard so you can see what needs to be cleaned and what tools are needed for clean-up. From the dashboard you can perform regular registry repairs and cleaning, as well as:


  • Improve performance and condense your registry by fixing errors and cleaning out clutter
  • Keep your computer and online activity private by erasing browser and search query history
  • Remove passwords and information input into forms
  • Free up hard drive space by removing temporary and deleted files
  • Permanently erase files and folders – including deleted ones – from your computer

As with most products, regular maintenance and cleaning can improve performance, extend its expected life span, and in most cases save money in the long run – your computer is no different.


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