The Best USB Gadgets On The Market

The Best USB Gadgets On The Market

Let’s be honest there is nothing more exciting than finding a new gadget that can at the very least keep you entertained and at the very most revolutionise the way you do things. Okay I admit that these are not easy criteria against which you can judge a new gadget.

I guess on reflection the gadget might not have to revolutionise your life but nevertheless it should without doubt use new technology and make you raise a smile. Some of the best examples of new gadgets are the range of USB gadgets that have been released onto the market.

For those technophobes out there the USB or Universal Serial Bus is, put simply, a way of connecting an external device to your computer. A lot of people these days carry around small USB pens that hold information at play the same role that the floppy disc used to.

Nowadays a great deal of the equipment that is used alongside a computer such as a keyboard and the mouse can be connected this way. And in the gadget world many toys have been created that utilise this technology.

I was recently given a USB pole dancing woman that I have called Beatrice. Beatrice dances every time I type a word into my keyboard. She also keeps count of the number of words I write in a day – she’s not just a pretty face then! My colleagues and I find it hilarious although I don’t think my boss is too impressed when she stays quiet for half a day – a big giveaway if you’re not writing!

Anyway here is an insight into some of the best USB offerings that I have found available in the market.

USB Boxer

I recently came across the USB boxer. This six inch tall guy stands on your desk and pounds away at a punch bag at the rate at which you punch. The device comes with unbelievable sound effects that sound on the impact of the gloves to the punch bag and makes authentic ringside noises.

The software package includes some games in which you can enact a boxing bout and the action on screen is relayed and played out by the man in front of you. Pitched as a great way to work out some aggression this USB gadget really packs a punch!

USB putting green

The USB putting green is a great way to play golf against your workmates without even leaving the office. You don’t need a silly dress code just a slightly silly sense of humour. It is a miniature version of the conventional ball returning putt returner.

The aim of the game is to putt into the centre of the device and the ball is subsequently spat back at you. It comes with two miniature putters and fortunately six tiny balls – there is no excuse for losing them then – especially considering you are unlikely to have a water hazard or bunker on your desk.


Okay this takes the prize for the funniest, yet at the same time, most tasteless of all the USB gadgets I have come across. The dog is attached to a USB device which, when connected to the computer, humps away like a dog on heat. The marketing men say that your computer has done a great deal for you and that it’s about time you gave something back. I’m not sure this is exactly what they meant but very funny nevertheless!

Shaun Parker is an expert on gadgets and the latest technologies.

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