The Bad 90s Show – Hak5

The Bad 90s Show – Hak5

This April 1st we bring you a gem* from the archives. Recently dig’d from a super VHS tape it’s Hak5 episode 507 from 1995. We take a peak at a Windows 95 "chicago" beta build, get our phone phreaking on, and review one of the latest SNES games.


  1. HAHAHA I was 4 when Windows 95 came out… lol

  2. so that brought back old memories but whats up with Brittney? She seems completely stoned…

  3. LOL. made my day . LOL before you know it you will be making a video on todays technology in like 3 years

  4. Nice intro 😀

  5. bad actors, just make a show about 90’s software don’t try to be funny , you fail at that

  6. send her to me and i love the windows bit. i was like 11 when Win 95′ came out and i remember useing it. good old times.

  7. Wow the TV she has with the Doom section looks just like the Chinese POS I am watching across the kitchen – 2 yrs old no less. PS Win 3.11 wasnt much different in interface than Win 95 so unless someone was 4 in 95 they probably caught it right off. Dont remember black monitors 14 yrs ago either, just white and beige.

  8. this would of been more convinceable if they didn’t have the ads

  9. I didn’t know they had bluray in 95!

  10. This was hilarious!

  11. how much is she ?? 😀 lol

  12. best ever, even though its a little too late 😉

    Nice glasses!

  13. lol 😀 windwos 95!!!

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