TabletDraw 1.8.5

Tablet-oriented, multi-layer drawing with a realistic pen and paper feel.
TabletDraw 1.8.5
About TabletDraw
Unlike traditional mouse-oriented drawing/paint applications, TabletDraw is specifically designed for use with a drawing tablet. Most applications expect the slow deliberate movement of a mouse, and it shows. When faced with the quick strokes of a pen, the typical paint program either “lags” behind the pen, or turns your smooth curves into choppy polygons, sacrificing accuracy for speed. If you try to sign your name in one of these applications, you’ll quickly see the disadvantages of either approach.

TabletDraw achieves the best of both worlds, rendering strokes with silky fidelity and enough speed to give you the quick feedback of a real pen on paper. In addition, TabletDraw uses a combination of speed and pen pressure for natural control over line thickness. The bottom line: If you can draw on a piece of paper, you can draw with TabletDraw. Many more features.

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