Spy Gadgets

Spy Gadgets

Spying means collecting information secretly or confidentially and the equipment used for spying is called the spy gear or spy gadgets. There are many spy gadgets that are available that offer incredible functionality. Spy gadgets come in various shapes, sizes and disguises. 

There are many spy gadgets available in the market today. Ranging from hidden Cameras, Spy Wireless, GPS Tracking, Spy Camera, Stun Guns, Jammers, Spy Sunglasses, Vehicle Tracking, Hands Free Car, Pinhole Camera, Wireless Presenter, Baby Monitors, E Cigarette, Listening Device, Usb Microscope, Spy Mini, Spy Pen, and many more.  This article will discuss some of the popular spy gear. 

Vehicle Tracking Devices (GPS): The vehicle tracking devices (GPS) are commonly referred to as global positioning system and are widely used to track the movement of vehicles. The vehicle tracking devices are very compact and hence they can be hidden anywhere in the vehicle. The spy gadget transmits signal through Global Navigation Satellite System and thus give accurate position of the target. 

Hidden Cameras: The hidden cameras are used in the homes to check on the maids, servants and the nannies. Retail stores use the hidden cameras to prevent shoplifting. Many big organizations are also deploying these hidden cameras or spy cameras to check on the employees, check on inventory theft, fraud and embezzlements. Spy cameras are equipped with high-end technology and offer wide angle viewing in varied lighting conditions. 

The hidden cameras are available in the shape of various objects like mirrors; smoke alarms, briefcases, glasses, pens, toys, clocks, calculators, radios and many more. 

Stun Guns: The stun guns help you to protect yourself against crime. 

Baby Monitors: Baby Monitor is a device that helps you in watching your baby even when you are not around. If your baby is asleep and you are in another room, the baby monitor will alert you by an alarm or a signal as soon as your baby wakes up or cries.

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  1. smoke alarms are always great investment if you want to avoid having your home burned to the ground ~

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