Smart Scroll 3.7.7

Smooth and easy iPhone-like scrolling for your Mac.
Smart Scroll 3.7.7
About Smart Scroll

Smooth and easy iPhone-like scrolling, with features for your mouse, trackpad, tablet and keyboard:

– Super Scroll makes your trackpad, Magic Mouse or scroll wheel smoother, faster and more comfortable. And it lets you reverse scrolling on the Mac to match iPhone. Try it!

– Auto Scroll brings hands free scrolling to Safari Reader and Quick Look.

– Hover Scroll offers effortless scrolling, by simply pointing to the top or bottom edge of a window.

– Grab Scroll gives you a Hand tool to easily move (with momentum) any window&#039s contents.

– Smart Scroll also includes universal Scroll Keys, enhancements for FileMaker and AppleWorks users, and more.

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