Save your game progress stages on Symbian phone before flashing or formatting

Save your game progress stages on Symbian phone before flashing or formatting

When we make a major firmware update either via the Nokia Suite or flashing the phone we recommend you perform a hard reset before and avoid any mistakes that later, but what makes us doubt is the loss of progress in all our games in which we have invested hours and would have to start over.

HD Games

But now there is a fairly simple solution is to save the folder where you stored the progress of each game before the hard reset and then reinstall the update the game and simply put the folder back in place, so do not lose the developments in any of our favorite games.

  • Assassins Creed: \Private\20036B7B –
  • Sims 3: \private\200331f6
  • Friut Ninja: \ private \ 200398FD –
  • NFS: \private\20031338
  • PES2011: \private\20038980 –
  • Tetris HD: \private\2002b2dc
  • Worms: \ private \ 2002b2df
  • Guitar Rock tour 2: \private\20030E7A
  • Avatar: \ private \ 20030E7B
  • Rally Master Pro: \ private \ 20030E46
  • Extreme Rollercoaster: \ private \ 20030E48
  • Angry Birds: \ private \ 20030E51
  • Angry Birds Rio: \ private \ 2003B21F
  • Hero of Sparta: \ private \ 20030E78
  • GT Racing: Motor Academy: \ private \ 20030E79
  • Real Golf 2011: \ private \ 20030E86
  • Asphalt 5: \ private \ 20030E87
  • Sparkle: \private\20030f70
  • HAWX: \ private \ 20035DFF
  • Settlers: \ private \ 20035E05
  • Spiderman: \private\20036B78
  • Tron Tanks: \private\2003855c
  • Speed X: \private\20039613
  • An HD: \ private \ 20035E07
  • Bejeweled 2: \ private \ 2002b2e1
  • Slice it: \private\2003B474

The above is the path of the folder that you saved for each of the HD Symbian Games before the hardreset or flash.

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