S^4 Xeon – Belle Custom Firmware for Nokia N8 Updated to V3.2

S^4 Xeon – Belle Custom Firmware for Nokia N8 Updated to V3.2

A new version of “S^4 Xeon” custom firmware for Nokia N8 based on the latest leaked version of Nokia Belle v111.040.0904 is now available. The latest release brings some bug fixes, system stability and adds the ‘UDA’ tool.


Changelog v3.2:

  • Fix Photo-Video Editor
  • Improved system stability
  • Better GUI management
  • Fix USB Connection (Only En version)
  • Fix Equalizer Presets
  • Fix Remote Lock
  • Fix language selection issue in Xplore
  • Update Guardian 4.01
  • QT Components 1.1 integrated (Backward compatibility with some apps)
  • New: *UDA & Flash Tool integrated
  • New: FlipClockStyle.sis in E:\Tool\
  • Fix opening Weather App from Widget
  • New patch added: ReadCRoot (Read system folder from C in FileManager)
  • Update :ToggleWidgetsStyle.sis in E:\Tool\

*UDA Tool: With this tool it’s possibile to make a Backup of User Content Package or UDA (All files of cfw inserted in C during flash) and restore it after the Hard Reset.

Download Here

Download 3.2

General Information:
  • Flash Mode 3.0.1 -> 3.2 ”Reburbish “
  • Password Archive: Xeon^4
  • Full English Version
  • Using Phoenix 2011 to flash this firmware
  • before the flash is recommended to perform a Hard Reset + Formatting Mass Memory
  • Run the flash mode ” Dead Phone USB Flashing “
  • I remind you that NO I take no responsibility ‘in case of damage / problems of any kind arising from the Flash / Using this firmware on your terminal.


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