Rooting the Droid, Zipit Doom and USB Live Chrome OS – Hak5

Rooting the Droid, Zipit Doom and USB Live Chrome OS – Hak5

Hacking the Motorola Droid: Root Access! A Linux Doom source port on the Zipit, Booting and installing Chrome OS from USB, your WordPress picks and much more.

  1. Is the reason you “gave up on Windows a while ago” motivated by your desire to experience all kinds of graphical “hickups”, “glitches” and flickering mouse cursors as convincingly demonstrated in your video or do you have other “telling arguments”?


  3. guys at 1:49 the companion cube is upside down…it doesnt like that…the blood is ruching to the bottom and it is losing its pink,comforting glow (lol jk jk)

  4. i think its actually ifconfig but idunno

  5. in Australia we neva Get Snow on christmas 🙁 lol i’d love to know what its like 🙂 cyaz

  6. hello when i try to iwconfig in backtrack 3 it say no wireless extension. what should i do.

  7. Let us know next show how the phone got fixed/bricked/unbricked. Cool show as usual.

  8. pak files… BLEH

  9. so sexy when shannon says porcelain cock

  10. im also looking for the javascript keylogging script.

  11. lol is this filmed in a kitchen?

  12. her rack is epic lol

  13. shannon should totally do a porno

  14. Make time. Or make them create an index of the video in the description.

  15. The audio is a bit weird 😛

  16. do you guys really have to have 45 minute videos i mean please i need to save some time out of my already busy schedule

  17. Hey can you post the Show notes link in the sidebar for youtube its hard to search to the website thanks..

  18. this show is better than anything on teh interwebs!!1!

  19. I just “Inverted” my headset ! Great show btw 🙂

  20. how bout a porcaline puddy tat

  21. the links are in the show notes

  22. oops. figured it out after the fact.

  23. sorry. won’t happen again.

  24. does it take a month to upload these 45 minute videos

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