Records all your Phone Activity with Friday App

Records all your Phone Activity with Friday App

The app stays in the background and wakes up as soon as you do something that Friday is supposed to keep track of. You get a phone call, a new messages hits your inbox, you click a picture – everything will be recorded automatically.

If I need a list of my interactions with a contact, I can simply put his or her name in the search box. Or I can select a particular date to know who I contacted that day, which pictures did I click (and the location), mails that were exchanged and more.

All the logs are stored locally on the phone and though the app does ask for Internet access at the time of installation, that’s only required for showing the geo-location of your photos on Google Maps. The app dashboard is password-protected so people can’t see your charts when you lend them your phone.

To use the Friday App on your Android phone, go to, sign-up for an invite and type ‘’ for the field that reads Why would you want to try out Friday. The app is free and supports Android 2.1 and later.

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