Quickly Create Home Movies with CyberLink PowerDirector 7 and MediaShow Espresso

Quickly Create Home Movies with CyberLink PowerDirector 7 and MediaShow Espresso

A short how to video for aspiring directors. Learn how to quickly and easily create home videos, complete with animated transitions and text effects, how to take your home video creations and reformat them for viewing on portable media players, and how to burn DVDs. Additionally, learn how to take advantage of AMD graphics hardware in your PC to save time when rendering video content. … AMD CyberLink MediaShow PowerDirector Espresso “ATI Stream” “ATI Radeon” “home video” “video editing …

  1. I’m only interested in how to do the nameplate-thing which appears at somewhere around 00:07 and fades at 00:09.

    I would be really appreciated if someone did help me with that. I’ve been looking for tutorials for that like hell, but I don’t even know the exact name for the thing/object.


  2. @djtheextremegamerpro then use it

  3. this due, is weird man!

  4. lmao

  5. possible with powerdirector 8. i dunno with 7

  6. also switch back and forth at 0:54 AND 0:58 LMAO

  7. lol check out 1:05 hahahaha

  8. how about a smile lool 😀

  9. this video was probably finally edited with sony vegas LOL.


  11. How do you make rotating titles? I mean a title that rotates just like the earth does.

  12. I like his use of words no homo

  13. damn wtf look at the size of that screen what is that a 70′

  14. he is got an scary voice!

  15. lippp

  16. this video is very helpful…. thanks for the advice in this tutorial video…. apparently, i have a hard time trying to figure out how to make my videos appear frame-by-frame, but thanks for this video tip 😉

  17. yeah

  18. MAGIX Video Edit Pro works nicely.

  19. It looks like they encoded video files with different lengths.

  20. looking for an editing program. Should I get This or Sony Vegas?

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    FullOfWinAnFullOfCra January 25, 2010 at 5:18 am

    Thanks for the video mr roboto

  22. cpu is better for rendering

  23. I think this is all too Windows centric.

  24. this video is helpful. thank u. all of you guys there. never try corel’s windvd creator. its a crap. i was abt to finish my video w/c i was doing for the past 2 days, then it crashed. i can no longer open the project. screw the makers of Windvd creator. CRAP!

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