Hy guys this is just 4 enthusiasts. If you don’t like troubles get a GPS. This is my best advise, best whishes. Just 4 info, I used a slim PSP, but mapthis can be used with the fat too. The GPS you can buy it at playasia.com or even probably at ebay. More info at: www.dcemu.co.uk Slim PSP Custom Firmware, muestra como el PSP slim con el adaptador GPS PSP-290 de Sony y el programa Map This! trabajan juntos con un desempe~o bueno pero no comercial. Even more info: www.dcemu.co.uk Download “Mapthis 5.20” You don’t have to have any problem with a custom firmware in your PSP. Now you have to download GMDL to download maps for your region. www.dcemu.co.uk If you have GPS PSP-290 then hook it up. If you don’t have it you can search maps and directions anyway. Finally go to getroute.nieko.net to download directions and addresses, just put the file into the COMMON folder or downloaded in your PSP directly and automatically you will have the directions in “POI look up”. My GPS has problems fixing the satellites it has to be waiting about 10 minutes or sometimes it doesn’t pick up anything. Well, first of all you have to find the way to make your PSP a “custom firmware” PSP. You can check www.psphacking101.com or youtube.com those are good sites to beguin to understand the thing. Basically you change the firmware made by Sony or the “Operating System” made by Sony to a “custom made Operating System” made by a hacker. This is not illegal as far as we know because we bay the hardware

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