ProShow Producer Gold v4.1.2710 StylePacks Portable

ProShow Gold is the complete solution for performance for sharing your best memories on DVD, PC, and on the Web!Make still images become vivid by adding motion effects like pan, zoom and rotate university. Select from the effects of more than 280 trans...
ProShow Producer Gold v4.1.2710 StylePacks Portable

ProShow Gold is the complete solution for performance for sharing your best memories on DVD, PC, and on the Web!Make still images become vivid by adding motion effects like pan, zoom and rotate university. Select from the effects of more than 280 transition effects you can add subtitles to a picture or clips. With ProShow Gold Photodex ProShow Producer, things are easy to share pictures, videoclip, … Your friends and relatives.

Effects ProShow Gold Photodex ProShow Producer:

– New! Make any photo from static to dynamic life with motion effects

– Pan photos, including panoramic; rotate image any angle that

– Adjustment precise movement – use the road layout for the perfect link

– New! Elastic / magnification image in any size with no increase scope magnification

– Quick Setup *** ng style motion effects

– New! Choose from 280 transition effects – only the random effects transitional characteristics of the style you want

– Adjustment for each time transition

– The random motion and transition effects for a few seconds Slide Show

– Add an unlimited number of subtitles on to highlight the performance of your

– Setting subtitle with any font, size, style and color

– New! Add Fun to Your Subtitle – choose from the expanded set of 100 effects subtitle, including iconic Galactic Scroll

Combined with music to highlight more:

– New! Create a soundtrack instantly by adding any MP3, WMA or WAV file – you’ll see the shape of the wave slide list

– Allows you to get music from audio CD with built-in audio ripper

– Use audio trimmer to crop songs

– Add audio clips to the slide, add sound effects or explanations Reply

– Write words explanations for your own Data

– Adjust the volume independently for your soundtrack and audio clips

– Just one click to synchronize Slide Show with Music

Demonstration effects quickly and easily:

– New! Timeline makes it easier to control time for the demonstration of the effects you have created.
n under the slide show window.

– Click right on the soundtrack (now it is just selected tracks). Selects Sync Show to Audio to automatically adjust the time between music and image so that balance.

– Click on any image in a Slide Show section, click Show Options, in the Background Choose “Use Background Image” to select a picture as background, because the default background is black so as to be along for the photos revealing the black background very bad. Click the Done button to complete the selection of wallpapers.

– Return to the Slide Show window press Ctrl A to select all the photos and right-click on the middle two photos (click on an image if it is established that the effect lasts only for photos that also hit outside, the middle two images, the effect of all images). When you right-click select Randomize> Randomize Motion Effects, do so with the two options: Randomize Slide Order, Randomize Transitions.

You can preview the Preview window.

The last job that you export the video file or a disk. by choosing the Create menu. For example we want to export a video file menu select Create> Create Video file.

In Video format Preset select video VCD, SVCD, DVD … selected after click Create save window will appear as a video file, name the file and will wait a few minutes we have a great video photo album.

Photodex ProShow Producer v4.0.2548 – Create Slideshow Professional

Features of the program:

1. Layers (Layers)

– Add unlimited layers to any slide no.

– Allow drag and drop easy to add content to a slideshow.

– Support more than 100 file types, which supports raw RAW file format of some type of camera, digital camcorder.

– Support for files during computer psd, png, tiff and gif.

– Transfer any layer into a mask (mask) to conceal or reveal part of the layer below.

– Add color transfer excellent (gradient) or homogeneous (solid) on a class slide show for the results very fancy.

– There are several transition effects for individual layers.

– Help make faster and easier using templates slideshow available.

– Easily restore lost files or move from one slide with the new Find Missing Files feature. Allow photography in the frame to slide the photos in JPEG.

2. Editorial images (Edit)

– The photo editing tools to sharpen, adjust color …

– Create frames, bo border images or videos with fresh graphics.

– Create effects opening style cinema (Hollywood-Style) with new tools Chroma K. @. Y Transparency.

– Allow editing blur *** c (opacity) for any layer on a slide.

– Create depth of the image slideshow by adjusting the color and opacity c *** of a shadow on any layer on a slide.

– Crop and rotate photos or videos correctly.

– There are other tools to remove red-eye for photos.

3. Motions (Motions)

– Add as much movement back by objects (pan), zoom (zoom) and turn (rotate) for any layer on a slide, similar to the actual film.

– Zoom the two axes X and Y for a particular class.

– Create complex motion paths by setting the key points on the slider time frame.

– You can preview the slide is selected, allowing to accurately position your photos and video in a slideshow. Perform controlled timer with progress bar slide show (Slide Timeline) in ProShow Producer 3.0. Can switch between a list of common interface (Slide List) and as the progress bar Timeline to synchronize audio with precision certain scenes in the slideshow.

4. Add captions (Captions)

– Allow select font, font size and color of captions (caption) on the slideshow. How vivid the caption of your very special effects in various size, exceeds that of the past. There are many new caption style, features about current caption and insert the character caption.

– Add caption to launch interactive quick movement such as Stop – Pause, Run Left – Resume, Performing next – Next Slide, Previous Slide Show – Previous Slide, Write Email – Email … and more.

5. Music & Sound (Music and Sounds)

– Allow drag and drop audio files into MP3 or WAV performed.

– Save an audio track directly from a CD and drop it into the slideshow.

– Crop and creating sound effects (effect) with the built-in Audio Trimmer, waveform of the audio tracks integrated in the slide list.

6. Background (Backgrounds)

– You can use the color uniformity, and excellent color transfer (gradients), or video as the backdrop for the slideshow. Can also use the wallpaper integrated program available.

– Allows control to adjust the level of background content.

7. The output format of ProShow Producer


– Autorun CD (CD automatically runs).

– General EXE file run.

– Share slideshows via email, free online sharing and slideshow on the web.

– Streaming Flash video.

– Compressed AVI (compressed AVI) or Uncompressed AVI (uncompressed AVI).

– Quicktime video (MOV).

– Video High Definition (HD), Windows Media Video (WMV).

– MPEG 1 and MPEG 2.

– The protection screen (Screensaver).


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