Pink Gadgets for Pink-loving Techies

Pink Gadgets for Pink-loving Techies

There was probably a time when the words “pink” and “gadgets” did not appear in the same sentence, much less next to each other. After all, these words could not be farther from each other in meaning. “Pink” denotes femininity and daintiness, while “gadgets” conjure up images of computers and electronic technology. However, this is not the case anymore. A couple of quick searches on the Internet will find you a myriad of gadgets in various shades of pink, from digital cameras to USB flash drives.

Have girlish girls become more of techies, or have female geeks become more inclined to show their feminine side? Probably both, but whichever it is, pink gadgets have arrived and they’re here to stay. You would be hard-pressed to find a gadget, say a cellphone for example, that was not available in the color pink. So ladies, rejoice. If you love both the color pink and high tech gadgets, then you should not be missing out on pink gadgets.

Express yourself and play your favorite music on pink dog-shaped speakers. Add touches of femininity to your computer or laptop with a pink keyboard and mouse. Making home improvements need not be a manly task – do it with a pink tool kit, complete with a hammer, pliers, and everything else you need. Stay nice and sweet while digging in the dirt with a pink garden kit. When going to the gym, ditch your dull and boring gear and bring along a pink gym kit instead. Match your pink automobile with a ladies car set that will hold all your belongings while you’re on the road.

Pink gadgets are not only nice to look at, they’re also useful and practical. Another reason to love pink gadgets is that they allow you to be color coordinated at all times. Finally, an MP3 player that matches your lip gloss and your handbag.

Riz Davis, 26, is the Internet Marketing Associate of Gadget Epoint LTD. An internet savvy and geek by heart, she enjoys browsing the net for unusual gadgets and novelty items.

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