Pepsi P1s Android smartphone

Pepsi P1s Android smartphone

That’s right, Pepsi, the gigantic multinational corporation (or more likely some sort of local subsidiary) has decided to crowdfund a smartphone. You can actually pre-order the device, called the Pepsi P1s for as little as 699 yuan ($110), and it should ship about a month after the campaign ends. You can also enter a raffle to win the device for just 1 yuan, though your chances are just 500 to 1.

The device sports decent specs for a cheap smartphone. It is equipped with a big 5.5 display with a descent 1080p resolution that is capable of producing good viewing angles and crisp display. Running the device is Android 5.1 Lollipop with the courtesy of some of the company’s pre-loaded themes. Under the hood is a Mediatek octa-core, which gives enough processing power to handle most of the apps present in the market today.



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