OpenCL for CPU Scales Applications Easily on Four Six-Core AMD Opteron Processors

OpenCL for CPU Scales Applications Easily on Four Six-Core AMD Opteron Processors

AMD demos its OpenCL for CPU beta on Six-Core AMD Opteron Processors. See how easily the Powder Toy physics simulation application scales across 24-cores with OpenCL without making changes to the application.

  1. @wildchildplasma that sucks 🙁 but i meaned a quad crossfire x but we will come on those technolegies soon enough or at least i think so

  2. The kind of multi-deck architecture needed for real time exploration of such high degrees of computing complexity is not yet fully available and no way near my price range for now all I can do is heavy calculations and no real time rendering .

  3. @wildchildplasma but you need live rendering :p

  4. I might build a rendering machine for the purpose later.

  5. they are more powerful for the time being. got myself a 5870, love it.

  6. aren’t*

  7. well you and your friends are representative of most of the world neither am i to be honest but at-least i’m not struggling with the notion

    most people in the world are running windows xp on computers pre multicore with 1280×1024 res monitors or less. sorry but thats the truth even if might not and you might not ….if you need a reason here it is half of the world owns 1% of the wealth in this world.



  8. @Mr937595 but still they are more powerfull and have better gpu i mean wtf they even give better price/preformance why should i buy an nvidia

  9. @sacredgeometry i only know one guy that has a single core and it is a verry old pc like 7 years old

  10. @wildchildplasma don’t you want some nice images on your real men calculator maybe a x16 a hd 5970

  11. Wish I had the OpenCL version of powder toy… My other 7 cores are bored out of their minds!

  12. First: Its property of AMD/Ati, so you have to ask them, but i think they won’t gave it to you.

    Second: “OpenCL for CPU Scales Applications” is in the Topic. AMD released a kind of OpenCL Driver for the CPU, not for the GPU. The GPU Driver ist not finished yet, but you can try it in the latest ATI Stream SDK

  13. GPUs are really powerful!!

    wer can i download this software??

  14. i think you are vastly underestimating things. Most computers are in offices and schools these computers are used for basic tasks like spreadsheets and general office reasons…..they dont need updating and probably havent been completely or at all.

    granted most home users would be running multiple cores but home users arent the bulk of the market.

    i stand by my original assessment.

  15. No, it’s more like 30% are 1 core, 60% dual and 10% other.

    Though of course the majority of other would be 4 cores.

    I have a quad core computer and most my mates and people I know have dual core. The school I go to and just public computers in general are all 1 core though the computers usually struggle to play mindsweeper.

  16. Depends on how the app you are using is programmed.

  17. Reply
    Electrickbreadstick January 24, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    How much processing power and resources is lost by running it in this setup as compared to theoretically compiling the total available resources and calculating the response time?

    how much power is lost in the process of a setup like this?

    Imagine you are that first core in the one core test.
    Now imagine you are that same core but in the 24 core test, are you contributing the same amount?

  18. I’m looking at building a system with 48 cores and 500 Gigs of ram using the SAS as it was meant to be used with my SSD hard drives working at a GIG/s off the PCi express bus. Possible yes. Why because I need a Real mans Calculator.

  19. Thats a tricky Question, The simplest answer to that is that on the die the connections between the core can connect to each other faster but they would all have to share the same Ram per CPU where As with Individual cores you could connect quite fast and could have more ram per and faster ram access per core.
    So It all really depends on needed use and setup.

  20. no, why do you think we moved to duel core instead of systems with more than 1 cpu? by having it literally right next to each other (the cores) it allows for faster data manipulation, hence why the new 6 core opteron is so amazing.

  21. Would 24 single core cpus be faster than 4 six core cpus 🙂

  22. thank you, the is a incredibly reassuring.

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  24. they still manufacture 1 core cpus and sell them….and i think you will find that 90% of computers if not more in use are still single core.

  25. Lol, someone doesn’t read titles. xD

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