Nokia Siemens Networks launched Liquid Radio Architecture

Nokia Siemens Networks launched Liquid Radio Architecture
Nokia Siemens Networks launched a new architecture for mobile networks, named Nokia Liquid Radio architecture. Nokia Liquid Radio architecture removes the constraints of traditional mobile broadband networks to address the ‘ebb and flow’ of traffic created by users’ movements across the network. Liquid Radio enables a more economic use of network resources through sharing and redistributing capacity based on user demand.

Nokia Siemens Networks‘ Liquid Radio architecture comprises three key elements:

Baseband pooling achieved via Nokia Siemens Networks‘ recently launched Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station enables centralized pools of over 10 Gbps baseband capacity to manage up to 100 cells dynamically via smart scheduling algorithms.

The new Flexi Multiradio Antenna System provides true active antennas and complements the market leading Flexi Multiradio Base Station family. With availability starting end of 2011, Flexi Multiradio Antenna System is the only architecture based on several distributed radio frequency components integrated in the antenna housing to genuinely cooperate as a single entity to enable advanced features like beamforming. Beamforming provides additional capacity exactly where it is needed, allowing up to 65% capacity gain.

Unified heterogeneous networks enable various network layers to be used as a logically unified network with automated management, seamless interworking and uncompromised quality of experience to the user. As modern mobile networks continue to carry most of the traffic for mobile broadband in the future, they are getting more complex with several bands and mobile technologies (like LTE, HSPA+, Long Term HSPA Evolution) and the use of smaller cells like micro, pico and femtocells. Also, alternative technologies like 802.1x WiFi are increasingly being used for mobile broadband capacity enhancement as well as the more traditional in-building coverage.

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