Nokia N8 hack to install without signing!

Nokia N8 hack to install without signing!

It´s related to all Symbian^3 (N8) users and since someone else has published THE hack for N8 which is absolutely different then our solution, we were the first who managed a FULL hacked phone. (Team HX and PNHT)
Until now we haven´t decided to make it public, just to sort/fix some things out. But the community seems to force us to do it:
What we can prove is, a FULL hacked phone (hacked installserver, no need to sign apps) and FULL access to sys\bin and private folder.
That means, you have also READ /WRITE access to those folders with preinstalled Filebrowser that is NEW compiled for Symbian^3
plus, i give you the the 30fps mode and 97 % photo quality mod too !
As for now, that´s not enough, you get the continue-autofocus too ! It has still a bug that is stuck in some sort of macro-mode, but we are sure that this will be fixed soon !

This hack file helps you hack the firmware so that you can install any .sis or .sisx file without signing the application first. The file below is HyperX’s hack file from his website (

This is a detailed instruction .doc file which I also pulled off of another website.

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