Ning – More than 100 Million Registered Users Hacked

Ning – More than 100 Million Registered Users Hacked

Students of the Media College have access methodology of 90,000 social networks on NING cracked. This made it possible to use a software program, the identity of 100 million users to adopt.

The problem is with Ning, a platform to create their own social networks. Everyone who registers gets a cookie in the browser provided. Students Angelo Geels and Alex Brouwer overtook then how they could change the content so that they are logged in as a different person to book stood.

NING is widely used for social networks. Thus not only are political parties, such as the American Republican party user. Various administrations in the United States and the rest of the world use the service.

Identity take over


The result is that an attacker was able to register himself as a fan of such a band, but the login cookie to change so that the identity of an agent on the social network of the police could be adopted.

In this way it was possible any social network that NING is made to attack. In a video the students demonstrate the attack.

“In theory you suddenly start a fundraiser, the rules change, users of a network throw in the name of someone else communicate their private messages or other attacks,” says Brouwer. He emphasized that the inspection of all posts may be sensitive.

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