N97 like The best homescreen theme for Nokia X6 – Orange Tsunami [Symbian 60 5th]

N97 like The best homescreen theme for Nokia X6 – Orange Tsunami [Symbian 60 5th]

If you own a Nokia touch-screen device with Symbian 60 5th edition, I am pretty sure you’d complaining the limited choices of the homescreen in the device (except N97 and N97 mini, they are widget-supported which I still don’t understand why it doesn’t get ported to other Symbian 60 5th Edition phone). The best homescreen provided by Nokia is the ‘Contact Bar’ (screenshot at left), which seems nice at first glance, but it does take up huge amount of RAM, and laggy. Compared to the widget homescreen in N97/N97 mini (screenshot at right), the default homescreen doesn’t really seems appeal for long-time smartphone users (at least for me). I was always hoping someone is able to port the N97 homescreen to other phones, and apparently someone did it, though it is still in beta stage and there is no easy way to get installed in Nokia X6/5800/5530.

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How to install it?

Visit the dedicated thread for this Orange Tsunami Homescreen in Daily Mobile Forum. From there you can choose different style of the Orange Tsunami homescreens modified from different modders (there is a Malaysia modder as well – cnx7), but if you are using the original Nokia X6 (not sure about other model) without any extra homescreen theme except the default one (basic, shortcuts, contact bars), you have to look for the installer that mentioned something like Orange Tsunami + Orange Tornado (My wild guess is that Orange Tornado is needed to run the homescreen), those for Orange Tsunami only is unable to get installed (Prompting ‘Update error’ during installation). I would recommend the modded homescreen by Sabinkumar (which I have used to produce the screenshots above), with Nokia icons. Just in case you can’t download the installer from the forum, I had it uploaded to my Mediafire as well.

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