myDiary 1.6

It’s your life. It’s your journal.
myDiary 1.6
About myDiary
A clear and easy-to-use ‘journaling application’ with some cutting-edge functions like an integrated video diary, image and file management.

Self evident that all entries are stored encrypted and that it all can be protected with a password. Today’s diaries aren’t just made out of text. Thus myDiary is especially made to record your day in pictures, movies and files like websites for example. Since today’s digital world is complicated and stressful enough there is no gain in dealing with excessive and complicated programs.

myDiary provides everything in one clear window and every important function is just one click away. If you create a new entry, record a movie with your iSight camera, if you take a desktop picture or if you add a file via drag&drop – myDiary is never in your way but integrates seamlessly in your life. Many more features.

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