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Mario & Friends Lite – Isayonline Services
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Mario & Friends Lite

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Genre: Games

Price: Free

Release Date: February 02, 2010

Go back in time and play the sounds of your favorite video games for FREE !
Mario and friends Lite provides you 20 of the best sound clips from the classic games you played back in the 90'.

Super Mario (1,2,3), Mario 64, Zelda, Mario Kart, Yoshi's games, Donkey Kong, etc.

It's so fun to bring the old classics back !

*** Want more sounds ? ***
Check out the full version of Mario and Friends.

*** Be like your hero ***
Impress your friends : shake your device or jump with the app launched : you will play the sounds of Mario collecting a coin.

*** Be sure to hear all the sounds ***
Some sounds are hidden in the screen, tap to find them 😀

*** Note ***
Make sure your iPhone/iPod is not in silent mode ! If it is, you won't be able to play the sounds !

*** More sounds ? ***
Want to add sound clips from other games ? Just contact us, we'll do our best to add them in the next version !

*** Disclaimer ***
All copyrights and TM are the property of the respected owners.

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