Make your name a web domain

Make your name a web domain

New Delhi: This week will witness a biggest change in the world of World Wide Web. After 30 years of its inception, internet will allow users to have domain names of their choice.

ICANN will start accepting applications from January 12. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) which decides who gets to manage .com, .net and other domains to the right of the period in a URL, plans to begin accepting applications this week for a hugely expanded number of Web domain options.

For instance, you can apply for a domain name after yourself or your company. Like .prasad if your name is Prasad or .itechengine

At present there are about 22 types of top-level domains (TLDs) such as .com or .gov; and country codes such as .in for India and .uk for the United Kingdom.

Reportedly, anyone will be able register any web address suffix for USD 185,000 (Rs 9,754,051 approx).

Name Entity
.aero air-transport industry
.asia Asia-Pacific region
.biz business
.cat Catalan
.com commercial
.coop cooperatives
.info information
.int international organizations
.jobs companies
.mobi mobile devices
.museum museums
.name individuals, by name
.net network
.org organization
.pro professions
.tel Internet communication services
.travel travel and tourism industry related sites
.xxx adult entertainment
.edu educational
.gov governmental
.mil US military
Country code top-level domains
.in  India

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