Lumiatrix^7.7 V4.2 with WP8 tiles for Lumia 710

Lumiatrix^7.7 V4.2 with WP8 tiles for Lumia 710

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Current version: [u]4.2]/u]
OS version: 7.10.8779.8
Based on: 1600.3031.8779.12180
Languages: All official languages
Change log:

  • New Tango 8779
  • Windows Phone 8 Tiles
  • Wallpapers from iOS 6
  • Bazaar 1.7 was installed
  • touchWake was installed
  • Keep Wifi Alive was installed
  • Full Unlock V3 by ultrashot
  • MAX Apps in taskswitcher is 500
  • Updated Camera; added Panorama, Smart Group Shot, Action Shot, Self Timer.
  • Updated drivers
  • Added Network to settings by Nokia. Look at screenshot
  • You can install apps from Internet Explorer
  • Added new accents (dark teal, light blue, dark blue, dark pink, dark purple, htc, gray, black)
  • BT File Transfer has been installed
  • Speed up drawing graphics (Improved speed)
  • Improved multitasking
  • Added EXE Launcher, you can run EXE files
  • Added static ip
  • If you turn on slient profile, camera will work without sounds
  • Removed Contacts Transfer
  • Added theme HTC
  • Added wallpapers from htc
  • Added Root Manager by ultrashot
  • XAP Deployer has been installed (in Settings)
  • File Explorer has been already installed
  • WPH Tweaks 0.5 has been installed (in Settings)
  • Added Google and Yandex as search engine
  • Added new Lumiatrix wallpaper, by Text_Fx

What is new in V4.2
Windows Phone 8 Tiles
-Wallpapers from iOS 6
-Network was returned to settings
-Bazaar 1.7 was installed
-touchWake was installed
-Keep Wifi Alive was installed

Thanks to: ultrashot, raunaq93, saintonotole(aka lucifer3006), DFT Team, Nokia, Zloy Pryanik and for promoting my firmware!

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‘Lumiatrix^7′ Custom ROM

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