Latest Trend in Cool Gadgets

Latest Trend in Cool Gadgets

Unification of technology and modernization always comes out with something unique and if that helps you and your environment while working and traveling then you can’t keep away from approving them. Here are few such gadgets that are smart and efficient.

Fishbone USB Hub:

Here is a fish stimulated USB hub for the gadget lovers who are really looking for something different to give their work surrounding visual feel. It has 4 USB 2.0 high speed port hub and swappable plug and play connection. It is available with a blue LED indicator and supports window vista, XP, ME, 2000.

Bluetooth Bracelet with LCD Display:

Here is an all new trendy stainless steel bluetooth bracelet for all of those who mostly travels. It has an LCD display that shows who is calling. If your phone is in pocket or in bag and you are unable to hear the ring tone, it will give your wrist a buzz vibration when any calls in. Caller’s ID number will be displayed on the LCD and with the help of the function button you can answer or reject depending on you are busy or not. This device works in a 5 meter range and if your mobile has gone more than 5 meter away from you it will notify you through vibration. It is quite helpful in the situation when your phone has dropped somewhere or stolen.

Econav: Green Driving

This GPS device with speed indicators and traffic alerts, is designed to cut your car’s CO2 emissions by 30%. By analyzing your different rout options it provides eco readout of the possible cost to yourself and the environment on your chosen route. It also gives a visual and audio warning to tell you the best time to change gear so that you get the most out of your car at minimal cost to the environment.

From I-Pods to digital cameras, and from cell phones to lap tops, cool gadgets keep getting introduced one after the other. It’s about making the statement that you have arrived for changing with times and trends in electronics gadgets, getting the best from modern world and not allowing others to get the competitive edge over you.

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