Integrating Microsoft Learn into the exam experience

Integrating Microsoft Learn into the exam experience

Microsoft Certifications have been a mark of technical excellence for over 30 years. The focus is on enhancing the accessibility and practical relevance of certifications. A new resource is being introduced to aid in role-based certification exams. Starting August 22, Microsoft Learn will be integrated into exams, available in all languages by mid-September.

Microsoft Learn provides quick access, similar to looking up information in daily life. This resource won’t extend exam time and questions will maintain their real-world problem-solving approach. It’s meant for instances where candidates need to reference Microsoft Learn, not for answering all questions.

Key points about this resource include:

1. Access to content (excluding Q&A and profiles).

2. No extra time will be given.

3. The exam timer continues as candidates search on Learn.

4. Available for role-based exams, not fundamentals.

5. Available in the exam’s supported languages.

During the exam, candidates can click the Microsoft Learn button to open a split-screen view with the exam question. This resource aims to provide targeted assistance while maintaining the integrity of the certification process.


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