How to speed up your Nokia x6 phone

How to speed up your Nokia x6 phone

How to speed up you phone

I think all of you S60-users out there know that devices with this Symbian S60 OS can be very slowly. Sometimes you need to wait many seconds until an application or a folder opens. This can be very annoying, especially in the gallery when you want to show some pictures or videos to your friends very quickly.

Now there is a trick to make your S60 mobile phone faster, this trick is so crazy that you won’t believe it until you tested it. But don’t think I am joking, just test it by yourself. So let’s start with the tutorial:

1.) Change your phones’ date to the 01.05.2005

2.) Go to the calendar

3.) Now we need to create two new  to-do’s (Options > New entry > To-do)

4.) These two to-do’s need to have the following information:

1. To-do:

    * Subject: Speed
    * Due date: 04.08.2005
    * Priority: High

2. To-do:

    * Subject: Qoukie
    * Due date: 04.08.2005
    * Priority: Low

5.) Confirm the both to-do notes with “Done”, but don’t close the calendar application.

6.) Choose: Options > To-do view

Mark “Speed” as done, after that mark “Qoukie” as done.

8.) Now you can close the calendar.

Change the phones’ date back to the actual day.

10.) Enjoy your faster device!

This tutorial is unbelivable, huh? But it really works! Is this an easter-egg built into the S60 OS? To be honest we don’t know, but it works and this is the only important thing…

Hope have helped someone

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  1. Wil you tell me how to undo tat thing i have lost 10mb of ram and its difficult to multitask now

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