How to Put PS1 / PSX Games On PSP

How to Put PS1 / PSX Games On PSP

Ps1 games Ps1 / Psx to PSP ps1 ps1 playstation Putting Psx / PS1 on PSP How to put Psx / Ps1 games on your PSP * tutorial * (PSX ON PSP COMPAIBILITY LIST ) link 1. PSP with custom firmware 3.52 m33 or higher I have 3.90 m33-3 . Sonys original Firmware does not work with these files I will be making on this video However If you dont have custom firmware you can Buy Ps1 games from the Playstation Store If you would like to Install custom firmware on Your PSP U need a PANDORA BATTERY and a MAGIC MEMORY STICK 2. Any Ps1 CD can be used for this just make sure there not heavily scratched. You can also Download Ps1 iso , IMG , or bin files and use them with POPstation. 3. To extract the Image From A Ps1 CD You will need to Download . Slysoft CloneCD 4. To Convert the IMG , ISO , Bin .. Ps1 games into eboot.pbp ( thats the PSP game format) You will need to Download POPstation GUI the newest popstation GUI 3 if you Cannot open the 7zip file download 7zip : After downloading CloneCD and POPstation Grab any old Ps1 game you might have Put it on your Computers DVD/Cd drive Start Clone CD The PS1 game will load up and then you will have to press ( Read to Image File ) Select your CD-reader There will be a list of options Pick (GAME CD ) Browse and Save IMAGE to your Desktop Press Ok And wait a couple of Minutes when cloneCD is done you should have 3 files on your desktop IMAGE , Image. Sub , and image.ccd , Delete


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